Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shenzhen introductory bike trip

The trip consisted of crossing Shenzhen to the east coast of China.  This ride was taken shortly after I arrived in China and was a good introduction to the city because we crossed the entire length it.

I went on this ride with three of my co-workers.  Toni, Li Pei, and Bob.  We don't live in the same area and I was relatively new to the city, so we had to meet at a landmark I could recognize.

The building with a horse and a guy with a trident sticking out the sides worked well.  From there we rode on the freeway for a while.  Although this still feels wrong to me, it's common place here and traffic doesn't move nearly as fast in Shenzhen as it does in the US.

We knew we were halfway across the city when we saw the garish gold building.

Outside of the city are small mountains.  The roads got pretty steep, maybe 7% grades.  This was managable on my 68 gear inch fixed gear, but I missed gears and coasting by the end of the day.

One of the stranger attractions that I'm aware of in Shenzhen is the tourable aircraft carrier.  It's an old Soviet Minsk.  We didn't tour it because it costs about 250RMB (40USD) and is rumored to be disappointing.

We got to our destination and had some tasty seafood.

Then we went to the beach.  I didn't swim because we we're riding home that evening and had about 80km ahead of us yet.  Also, the swimming areas were very busy.

One photo of the trip home.  Shipping containers are a common sight here.

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