Sunday, December 12, 2010

Around Hong Kong

I'm really pleased to have a co-worker that likes cycling as much as me.  Not only that most of his plans seem to be too ambitious for his friends, so Bob and I became cycling buddies quickly.

We rode around Hong Kong Island and the new territories a couple weeks ago.  Bob and I met at a bridge that connects Shekou to Hong Kong.  You can't bike across the bridge, so we took a bus.  Bob and I both have folding bikes which allowed us to easily go through customs and get on the bus.  From there we went to a state park that protected a large marsh that many migratory birds pass through each year.  It was a pretty nice park, although any  direction one looked there was  reminder that it was in the middle of a large city.

I spotted a marsh hawk when we were in a blind and thought of Mari's Audobon print of the bird.  I didn't get a picture of it, but I did catch a picture of a fish nibbling on a lily pad.

And a mudskipper doing it's thing.

We had lunch soon there-after.  Between us there were three types of bread and little else.  We should have discussed who would bring what.

From there we found a good bicycle trail that followed the coast line.  It was quite busy, but very nice.

We spent the night in Kowloon (Hong Kong territory in mainland China), here's Bob trying to find us a room.


The next morning we took the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong island.

Bob wanted to head to the south side of Hong Kong and I realized I wouldn't make it home in time to catch my Chinese lesson, so we parted ways.  I spent a little time downtown, then caught the ferry back to Shekou.  Bob told me he got home around midnight.  I was glad I cut things short.  Here's a standard Hong Kong market photo.

This is my folding bike waiting with me for the ferry.  At this point I'm a huge fan of my folding bike.  It doesn't fold very small, but that hasn't been a problem.  It handles quite well, but I think I'd try a different front end geometry if I built another.  I'm glad I managed to complete it before I moved out here.

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