Sunday, December 12, 2010

Local pictures.

After many requests, here's some photos of my neighborhood.

 From the balcony of my first apartment.  This building is on the southern edge of Shekou is a peninsula on the southern edge of Shenzhen.  I never got a clear photo, but reckon one could see downtown on a clear day.  The mountain on the left of the photo is Nanshan park, there are small stone walkways all over the mountain.

 This is my current apartment complex.  There are about 15 identical high rises all in a row.  I spent quite a bit of time looking for apartments and this was the nicest I found, but I'm not particularly fond of the complex.  Many westerners live here which I found appealing.

This is a view from Nanshan mountain of the area I live in.  My former and current apartments can be seen in this photo.  The water in the background is the Pearl River Delta, the land beyond the water is Hong Kong.  A one hour ferry ride gets me from Shekou to Hong Kong.

Shenzhen has a bike share program.  I've never used it, but see people using these bikes quite often.  It took me a while to gain the confidence to bike in Shenzhen.  Traffic works differently here and despite the fact that many people bike for transport in the city there are very few indications that roads are planned to accomodate cyclists.

 Can you find my bike among the others?  Bike parking lots are commonplace.  You can find them by keeping your ears open for the sound of many tiny car alarms going off all at once.  That's right, alarm systems have made it to bicycles here, some alarms are built into the bikes, some are built into bike locks.  It makes maneuvering your bike among the parked bikes much like a game of operation, one mistep and an alarm is sounded.

This is Ajisen Noodles.  It's a Japanese chain resturant that serves fancy ramen noodles and sushi among other things.  I'm a fan.  Apparently they have locations in LA, NewYork, and Boston as well.

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Nice blog! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hey, what d'ya think of this...a blog tracking the disgusting things that Catly does on a semi-daily basis? I might join you in the land of the blogging.